By 1930, the sac-filler pen had pretty much finished off the competing eyedroppers and safeties. Not content to rest, Parker began to research alternatives to the sac and came up with an all-new filler system and installed it on a new and visually-arresting line of pens, the Vacumatic. Taking advantage of the new filler design, these pens were translucent, allowing you to see how much ink remained in the pen at any point.  The Parker Vacumatic is one of the most avidly collected of all vintage pens.

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91 1st Generation Lock Down Silver F 3 Band Good++ SOLD
92 Vacumatic Plastic Black XF/F Junior EXC++ $150.00
93 Vacumatic Plastic Black F Major VG $100.00
94 Vacumatic Plastic Brown F 2 Band Nr Mint SOLD
95 Vacumatic Plastic Black F Major VG++ $110.00
96 Vacumatic Plastic Silver Semi-Flex Junior VG+ $150.00
97 Vacumatic Plastic Black F 2 Band EXC++ $140.00
98 Vacumatic Plastic SIlver F Major VG+ SOLD
99 DJ Vacumatic Speedline Brown Semi-Flex Major EXC $250.00
100 Vacumatic Plastic Black M Jeweler Band EXC $200.00
101 Vacumatic Plastic Silver F 3 Band VG++ $135.00
102 Vacumatic Plastic Black F Major VG+ $110.00
103 Vacumatic Plastic Black F 2 Band VG+ $110.00
104 Vacumatic Deb Speedline Brown DJ F Thin Band VG++ $120.00
105 Vacumatic Plastic Black F Major EXC $120.00
106 Vacumatic Plastic Brown F Major VG $110.00
107 Vacumatic Long Plastic Brown F 3 Band EXC $150.00
108 1st Gen Vacumatic Lock Down Brown F 3 Band Nr Mint SOLD
109 Vacumatic Deb Speedline Silver F Thin Band VG SOLD