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The Parker Duofold is one of the quintessential vintage pens. It is possible that more words have been written about this pen and the later Parker 51 than any other. There are abundant advertising references, as Parker was a very heavy advertiser, and the Duofold was most successful, being one of the best selling pens for nearly a decade. This is the pen that made Parker one of the top tier manufacturers in the 1920s. A Parker Duofold is one of the dozen or so pens that most collectors would place in the core of a fountain pen collection.

Unlike any pen in this world … or any other — That was the slogan for the Parker advertising campaign launched in September 1956, in advance of the Christmas season, to introduce its newest and most revolutionary fountain pen. The pen was the striking new Parker 61. It was Parker’s ambitious entry in the “no-mess filling”. The first fountain pen that actually fills itself by itself, requiring no action from the user. The pen has no button, no lever, no plunger, no squeeze bar, and no cartridge or converter (these last two being several years in the future for Parker). The pen sucks up a fill by capillary action. To fill the 61, you just unscrew the barrel and immerse the back end of the pen

The U.S.A. of the 1950s and early 1960s was enamored of TV Westerns: Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Have Gun – Will Travel, Wanted: Dead or Alive — the list is almost endless. So it’s really no wonder that when Parker introduced its first cartridge-filling fountain pen in 1960, the pen wore a name that tied it to the ubiquitous Colt .45 Peacemaker: the Parker 45. The name was a cultural nod, of course, but its real purpose was to tell the pen buyer that this pen was as easy to load as the “other” .45 — just open it up and drop in a new cartridge. An added value was the inclusion, as trumpeted by the 1961 adver­tise­ment here, of a converter that allowed the pen to use bottled ink or cartridges as the user preferred.  The 45 is a really durable workhorse of a pen. Not only did the 45 introduce the world to the now-standard cartridge/converter filling system, but it also offered the user the ability to interchange nibs without having to send the pen to Parker or even take it to the repair department of the local Parker dealer. The nib unit simply screws out of the nose of the shell. As time went by, the variety of available nibs grew to include extra-fine, extra-broad, stub, left-foot and right-foot oblique italics in different sizes, and more.  Courtesy Richard Binder,

As World War II drew to a close, the G. S. Parker company began thinking about its future product lines. The flagship “51” was going strong, even in the limited numbers that Parker was allowed to produce for the civilian market, and it appeared to have a bright future once wartime restrictions were lifted so that Parker could deliver pens in quantity to pen stores around the world. 
The Vacumatic had already begun to show its age; and the company set out to replace it.  The “51” had shown that people were eager to buy pens with metal caps and monochrome plastics — so to create its next open-nib pen, Parker essentially took the streamlined shape of the “51” and replaced the hooded nib and its collector with an ordinary open nib and feed. The smoothly tapered clip came from the striped Duofold line. The result, introduced in 1946, was the Parker VS. The “VS” part of the name is generally thought to have stood for “Vacumatic Successor.” It’s a good looking pen, and Parker also improved the design of its venerable button-filling mechanism to make it easier to work on and more reliable.
Courtesy Richard Binder,
So basically what we are looking at here is the basic shape of the Parker 51, but offered with an open nib and using a button filler system. These are great pens that for some reason do not get the respect they deserve. If you like the looks of the Parker 51, but are somewhat put off by the hooded nib, this is definitely the pen for you.

65 61 Flighter Capillary Stainless F Flighter EXC SOLD
66 61 Capillary Grey M/B Gold Filled EXC $150.00
67 61 Capillary Black M Lusterloy EXC $100.00
68 61 Capillary Black F Mint Legacy EXC $125.00
69 61 Capillary Flighter F Flighter VG++ $100.00
70 61 FP/LL Set Capillary Rage Red F/M Lust/Gld Clip Exc SOLD
71 61 P/P Set Capillary Grey F Lusterloy VG++ $90.00
110 Duofold P/P Set Button Black F Jeweler Band VG++ $225.00
111 Duofold Speedline Black F 2 Band VG+ $175.00
112 Raven Button Black F Single Band EXC SOLD
113 Lady Duofold Button Orange F Wide Band EXC $110.00
114 Duofold Button Orange F/MM Tuned 3 Band EXC $125.00
115 Duofold Jr Olsen Button Orange F/MM Tuned 2 Band EXC $175.00
116 Masonic Duofold Button Orange F/MM Tuned 2 Band VG++ SOLD
117 Challenger Button Green Marble F 3 Band EXC $100.00
118 Pastel Button Beige Grey F 2 Band EXC $135.00
119 Dlx Challenger Button Black F 3 Band VG++ $110.00
120 75 C/C Silver M Grain d'Org Mint SOLD
121 VP Cart Black M Lusterloy Mint SOLD
122 45 C/C Black M Lusterloy VG+ SOLD
123 45 C/C Flighter F Flighter VG+ SOLD
124 VS P/P Set Button Grey F Lusterloy VG+ SOLD
125 VS Button Black F Lusterloy VG+ SOLD
126 VS Button Black F Lusterloy VG+ $90.00
127 VS Button Grey F Lusterloy VG+ $90.00
128 VS Button Maroon F Lusterloy EXC $110.00
129 VS Button Black F Lusterloy VG+ $90.00
130 VS Button Maroon F Lusterloy VG+ $90.00

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