There is just something special about not only having the vintage pen of your dreams, but also having the original box it left the factory in.  Parker was well known for producing stylish and well engineered pens that wrote the way the public wanted.
But Parker was also known for putting those pens in some beautiful boxes.  The range of Parker boxes run from a simple cardboard box to some extremely beautiful boxes that Parker had designed by big name fashion designers.
The better grade boxes served a few purposes.  Obviously, they were good display points for the dealer.  The prospective buyer would be drawn to the beauty of the boxed pens.  But more practically, the boxed also served as protection for the pen or pen set when the user was not writing with them.  They became a fixture on the desk, the place to put your writing utensils when you were done for the day.
Some boxes have become extremely collectible on their own right and bring high prices due to rarity or design.

But no matter how you look at them, a Boxed Set of pens is a nice part of any collection.

Prices are at the bottom of the pictures of the pens.
Pens may be sold before you place your order.
Please email about pen questions, availability and payment options
DISCLAIMER ~ Due to the nature of silver being a very soft material all pens advertised with Sterling Silver or Coin Silver caps may have slight marks unless otherwise advertised as Perfect Caps.  Also Sterling and Coin Silver caps were originally Rhodium Plated and unless advertised as Perfect Cap the rhodium plating is most likely partially or fully worn.  This does not affect the cap in any way.

136 51 P/P Set Aero Black F Mint Lusterloy Mint SOLD
137 51 P/P Set Aero Grey F Lusterloy EXC+ $160.00
138 51 P/P Set Aero Cocoa F/M Mint Lusterloy Minty SOLD
139 English 51 Aero Burgundy M Lusterloy VG++ SOLD
140 First Year 51 Vacumatic Black F Wedding Band VG+++ SOLD
141 English 51 Aero Burgundy M Rolled Gold VG++ SOLD
142 Very RARE
 51 P/P Set
C/C Black F Lusterloy Mint SOLD
143 51 Demi P/P Aero PLUM XF Gold EXC+ SOLD
144 51 Demi P/P Aero Grey XF Gold VG+ SOLD
145 51 P/P Aero Teal XF Mint Lusterloy Minty $210.00
146 51 Signet P/P Aero Gold F Gold Minty SOLD
147 51 P/P Set Aero Teal F Mint Lusterloy Mint $210.00
162 51 Demi P/P Aero DK Burgundy F/M Lusterloy Exc++ $225.00
163 Canadian Junior Vac Plastic Black F/SemiFlex 2 Band VG+++ $175.00
148 Canadian 1 Gen Vacumatic Lock Down Brown Flex 3 Band EXC SOLD
149 1 Gen Slender Vacumatic Set Lock Down Brown F 3 Band EXC $250.00
150 Very RARE Vacumatic Speedline Black
Longitudinal Striped Body
F Thin Band EXC $400.00
151 21 Super Aero Grey F Lusterloy VG++ $45.00
152 45 C/C Blue F Lusterloy NOS SOLD
153 Sheaffer Crest Lever Brown Stripe F Gold VG Sold
154 Sheaffer P/P Snorkel Burgundy F Burgundy VG++ SOLD

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