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DISCLAIMER ~ Due to the nature of silver being a very soft material all pens advertised with Sterling Silver or Coin Silver caps may have slight marks unless otherwise advertised as Perfect Caps.  Also Sterling and Coin Silver caps were originally Rhodium Plated and unless advertised as Perfect Cap the rhodium plating is most likely partially or fully worn.  This does not affect the cap in any way.

42 51 MKIII Aerometric Rage Red F Lusterloy EXC SOLD
43 51 P/LL Set Aerometric Mid Blue F Lusterloy EXC+ $160.00
44 51 Aerometric Mid Blue F Lusterloy EXC SOLD
45 51 Aerometric Teal F/M Lusterloy EXC SOLD
46 51 Aerometric Teal F Lusterloy EXC+ $150.00
47 51 Mk III Aerometric Black F/M Luster 61 Cap VG+ SOLD
48 Argentina 51 Flighter Aerometric Stainless F Lusterloy EXC SOLD
49 51 Aerometric Black F Lusterloy EXC + SOLD
50 51 Demi Aerometric Grey F Lusterloy VG++ $110.00
51 51 Aerometric Grey Oblique Lusterloy EXC SOLD

52 51 Aerometric Burgundy F Lusterloy EXC SOLD
53 51 P/P Set Aerometric Black F Lusterloy EXC $170.00
54 51 Aerometric Teal F/M Lusterloy Exc $150.00
55 51 Demi Aerometric Green M Lusterloy Exc $150.00
56 51 Special Aerometric Grey F Lusterloy EXC SOLD
57 51 Aerometric DK Blue M Lusterloy EXC $160.00
58 51 Aerometric Mid Blue M Lusterloy EXC+ SOLD

59 51 Aerometric Burgundy XF/F Lusterloy EXC SOLD
60 51 Special Aerometric Black M Lusterloy VG+ SOLD
61 51 Demi Aerometric Grey F/M Lusterloy VG+ $135.00
62 51 Demi Aerometric DK Burgundy M Gold Filled EXC $150.00
63 51 Demi Aerometric Coaoa M Gold Filled EXC $150.00
64 51 Demi Aerometric Teal M Lusterloy Exc $150.00

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